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D&A Beverly Hills®


D&A Survey

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D&A Beneficial Effects Indicators

Energy Boost, Increased Stamina or Endurance    None     Slightly     Moderately     Definitely   
Mental Clarity, Focus or Acuity    None     Slightly     Moderately     Definitely   
Feel Good Positives, Peace of Mind or Happy Mood Thought    None     Slightly     Moderately     Definitely   
Improved Skin Tone, Glowing Complexion or Firmness    None     Slightly     Moderately     Definitely   
Appetite Satiation, Reduced Hunger Pang or Forgetfulness of Eating    None     Slightly     Moderately     Definitely   
Rapid Fulness Sensation, Reduced Portion Size or Full After Few Bites    None     Slightly     Moderately     Definitely   
Detox Cleansing and Frequent Urination    None     Slightly     Moderately     Definitely   
Happy Number Two, Relaxed and Thorough Bowl Movement    None     Slightly     Moderately     Definitely   
Increased Lidido, Tactile Sensitivity or Want to Hug Desires    None     Slightly     Moderately     Definitely   
Restful Sleep and Morning Wide Awakening    None     Slightly     Moderately     Definitely   
Joint and Muscle Relaxation and Comfort    None     Slightly     Moderately     Definitely   
Improved Memory Recall and Heightened Senses    None     Slightly     Moderately     Definitely