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D&A Beverly Hills®

The Story

About D&A
Traditional Eastern herbal medicine meets advanced Western technology. Incredible, life-altering results. Introducing D&A: rarefied phyto enzymes* that restore the natural balance and energy of your body and mind.

D&A–Diet and Alternative–is a unique Premium Superfood Blend featuring a supertonic blend of 54 herbs, led by Heavenly Red Ginseng, that promotes a higher quality of life and counteracts stress unlike anything else.

The origins of D&A can be traced back through the ages to traditional eastern herbal medicines. The herbalists of those eras created potent mixtures that provided healing to their people and helped recondition the body’s core energy balance.

In 2010, in search of a formula that would live up to and exceed these time-honored prescriptions, the D&A team set out on an expedition to the Korean countryside to meet with renowned master herbalists. Blended using the purest organic herbs farmed and harvested in the hills of Korea’s Jiri mountain range, adaptogenic tonics were tested and refined, one after another, always building upon the original formula. The result: the ultimate fusion of body, mind, and soul that would come to be the foundation of D&A.

Powerful herbs such as Heavenly Ginseng, Rhodiola, Astragalus, Fo-Ti, Ginger, and many more, help restore the essential balance across body, mind, and spirit, which is often lost or neglected in today’s fast-paced world, and revitalize one’s energy to its proper form. The negative and destructive force of stress is the main disruptor to one’s equilibrium, standing in the way of the personal and physical empowerment that D&A stands for. Eliminating that roadblock is our raison d ’être.

With D&A, you can expect glowing skin, sharper focus, a happier mood and peaceful state of mind, increased energy, and natural appetite suppression, along with a host of other benefits. The possibilities are limitless. Thank you for reading our manifesto and starting your journey with us. We look forward to seeing what your experience holds for you.
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