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D&A Beverly Hills®


Common Questions
How long does it usually take to feel the effects of D&A Water and Capsules?
Feeling the effects is subject to one's individual body chemistry. An approximate absorption time would typically be between 20 minutes and one hour based on individual body structure and chemistry.
Can I skip a recommend daily dose?
Skipping a recommend dosage is fine, although to fully gain the cumulative effects of the weekly plan, we strongly urge the recommended dosage.
Why do I feel lightheaded or dizzy?
Lightheadness is a common physical reaction when beginning the D&A program. This should subside as your body absorbs more of the natural herbs contained in D&A Water and Capsules. Ingesting all natural substances can sometimes throw us slightly of balance. The same sensation can occur when ingesting chocolate; you get a surge to the brain from the sugar.
I am not tired during normal sleeping periods. Is this normal?
D&A helps promote an elevated energy and stamina level. Normal sleep periods may be slightly affected while taking D&A. This is normal.
Why do I feel heightened sensation in my fingertips or other areas of my body? Is this normal?
Yes, it is normal to experience this heightened sensation while taking D&A. When the water and capsule are taken together according to the recommended dosage, your energy flow is amplified. This can cause this sensation.
Why are my tongue and the inside of my mouth drier than usual?
You may not be drinking enough water. D&A Water and Capsules are meant to work simultaneously. Remember to stay hydrated with D&A Water while you are taking the capsules, otherwise you could feel more dehydrated than usual.
Can I take D&A with alcohol?
That is entirely up to you! It is safe as long as consumed in moderation. Keep in mind that D&A will subdue the mental effects of alcohol, while possibly rendering the bodily effects stronger. When consuming alcohol with D&A Water and Capsules, please be cautious and responsible.
I have been urinating more frequently? Is this normal?
Yes, the bodily functions that are affected by D&A may stimulate cravings for more water input, consequently more water output may occur.
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